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Jeremy Striffler

On a crisp, cold Saturday morning in early December 2011, I showed up at TwinTown CrossFit to participate in the preliminary round of the Winter PR Challenge. I was welcomed by the sight of 30-plus members of the gym preparing to do the CrossFit Total. For close to three hours, our group cheered each other on as we made our individual attempts at each weight-lifting element. A countless number of personal records were achieved, and the atmosphere was fun and celebratory and transcended any other experience I have ever had in the past at a gym or on a sports team. I was overwhelmed by the group’s commitment to each other’s success, which seemed more paramount than any individual worrying about his or her own accomplishments. This strong sense of community, fostered by the coaching staff, was evident when I joined back in the summer of 2011 and is still true today.

In addition, the coaches hold a clear belief that we are doing more than just developing muscles, but rather focused on developing the overall body, mind and soul. It is transmitted through simple things like having the group introduce themselves at the beginning of each class to more in-depth one-on-one conversations with the coaches about sleep and nutrition that demonstrates their dedication to each member’s individual success in and out of the gym.

Personally, I have seen improvements across the board in my strength, flexibility and endurance. I have gained confidence in my athletic ability and stepped outside my comfort zone taking on new challenges, like indoor triathlons and ½ marathons, which I would never have considered before CrossFit. More importantly, I have found a community of friends and peers that I respect and admire. I plan on CrossFitting for life and I hope it will always be at TwinTown CrossFit.

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Chelsea Pearsall

TwinTown Crossfit has completely changed my perspective on working out. I look forward to going and love that I leave every workout exhausted, soaked in sweat, beat-up and excited for the next one. I can't remember having this much fun exercising (and getting this many high-fives) since part of my daily schedule included recess. I mean, when is the last time you climbed a rope, swung on rings, jumped 2-feet high or raced someone to the end of the block? And while the hint of competition has kept me motivated to push myself on a daily basis, the incredible support and encouragement from my coaches and fellow athletes has inspired me to set and achieve goals that I didn't know were possible six short months ago.

Since joining TwinTown Crossfit, my results have far exceeded my expectations and I reached my personal goal of "10 pull-ups in four months," months earlier than expected. My body has changed and I feel stronger both mentally and physically. At this point, I truly could not imagine working out any other way and am so grateful that I found such an amazing group of people with which to share this experience.

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Morgen Larsen

I was the kid who just about died from embarrassment when it was time for the presidential fitness test. I've never done an unassisted pullup. I loathe running with a passion. But I love to bike, backpack, and canoe, and I have always dreamed of being lean and strong (and getting the canoe up on my shoulders without help). I needed a way to combat the effects of four years sitting at a desk and a lifelong love of sugar. I wanted to be able to set and achieve fitness goals but was still totally intimidated by other people and their workouts. I was in need of some quality coaching.

At TwinTown CrossFit the energy is really good and infectious. Jock attitude is nowhere to be found. It is a fantastic environment in which to learn new skills, a safe place to try and fail. Everyone is genuinely supportive and cheers you on whether you are zipping or slogging through the WOD. I didn't think I'd be revisiting the rope climb at age 31, but here I am. I have been surprised to find myself doing things I never would have dreamed of before and having fun. Fun! I see myself in a new light and this has impacted every other area of my life.

Also, I was pregnant for the first seven months I went to TTCF and it was awesome. Doing CrossFit 2-3 times a week really helped me keep my weight gain in a healthy range, sleep better, and deal with the many stressors that come with pregnancy. I felt great. Coaches Martha and Hannah helped me scale workouts as needed and I was free to adjust the intensity as well. I have recovered from pregnancy much faster than I expected to and I look forward to setting a healthy example for my daughter in the years to come.

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Leo Arms

Leo at 39: tendonitis at the ankle and elbow, gut that wouldn't go  away, could never resist a good cookie ( or even a bad one), couldn't  do four pull ups, couldn't double under, always looking for different  workouts because I get bored, don't push myself and plateau at an  unimpressive level. Lifting weights kind of sucked because I only did  random things that tend to work only one or two muscles at a time.

Fast forward to now: 40 years old, lighter, a little faster, best  sprint triathlon time yet (even though I specifically did no tri  training), haven't been bored at a single TTCF WOD, no injuries (but  I've been sore plenty); leaner, 21 days into some kind diet that I  once would have thought of as a weird; eating food that fuels my body  and I don't feel like I'm missing anything; 14 consecutive pull ups, 63 double unders. I know how to do several Olympic weightlifting techniques (even if I can't do as much weight at others.)

Finally, I go to a gym where I have gotten to know people, we care  about one another's progress, cheer each other on too. The head coach  and all the other coaches actually watch what I'm doing and give good,  useful advice that results in quick progress. You run a good place,  Teddy. And you are a positive influence that I enjoy and appreciate.

Yeah, sign me up for more of that.

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Craig Nelson

As a Baby Boomer (born, 1951) I’ve been a participant in, or observer of a wide range of fitness trends the last 40 years—the running boom, the marathon boom, the triathlon boom, the aerobics boom, the circuit training boom. The list goes on. These activities were not useless, but they all failed at one thing: Creating strength and endurance over a wide range of functional activities. CrossFit does this.

I’ve been a member of TwinTown CrossFit for about a year and half. At age 61 I am stronger than I’ve ever been in my life. Much younger friends now call me when they have some heavy objects to move, which is simultaneously annoying and flattering.

Owner Teddy Kim and the rest of the trainers are dedicated to your health, safety and to you achieving your fitness goals. Oh, and it’s also a tremendous amount of fun. Think you’re too old for CrossFit? You’re not.

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Sara Ibis

Two years ago, my life was the definition of unhealthy. I mowed down snacks, frequently ate frozen pizza in front of a movie lounging on my couch or, even worse, in bed. My idea of activity was long, slow runs, usually at pace so slow I was passed by speed walkers, or spending hours in the same yoga poses over and over. I was overweight, unhappy, and quite frankly, afraid to change. Then, one night after a yoga class, I walked right past TwinTown’s front door. I had heard of CrossFit from a friend and decided it was time to kick my fears to the curb. I immediately drove home and emailed Teddy. I did the intro workout a few days later and was barely able to hold in the vomit. It kicked my butt and it felt awesome, but how did I know TwinTown was the right place for me? Because Teddy offered to drive me home if I felt too sick to do it myself.

CrossFit has even given me the courage to try scary things, like the Tough Mudder, the MS 150 bike ride, and rock climbing! I have found myself part of a supportive, encouraging community that wants each person to perform at their best. My life has been through so many changes in the past two years, including a new vocation, finishing school, and new, important relationships, that I am so thankful to have a consistent, inspiring, self-esteem boosting place like TwinTown CrossFit.

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