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Obstacle to Opportunity!

Well some not so amazing news came my way yesterday. Turns out I tore my ACL and Meniscus, as well as sprained my MCL and strained my Quadriceps tendon. It occurred while playing soccer on my co-ed recreational soccer team. At first I thought, “It’s just a sprain, I’m not in much pain, I’m fine.” […]

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What is lactate?

Our bodies prefer to use oxygen as its main source of energy when the body begins to perform exercise.  Some events however, require such massive amounts of energy to be delivered so quickly, that our bodies can’t satisfy the demand through oxygen metabolism. Some examples might be running from an attacker or an, angry dog, or […]

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The importance of good posture and how it relates to a stable core

Coaches often work with athletes on their posture. This is because correctly and safely executed athletic movement requires a stable spine, which is achieved through good posture. Good posture comes from a strong, stable core. Take the golf swing for example. After the grip, every good golf instructor will hammer on the importance of correct […]

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Why should I use Beyond the Whiteboard?

TwinTown CrossFit is blowing up Beyond the Whiteboard! We might lockup the system from all of the activity that is being entered by ALL of you! Well, probably not. But awesome job to everyone that has logged results this week. Keep up the good work and you will surely see the benefits of BTWB. What […]

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CrossFit Games “Triple 3″

  Tomorrow, we’re going to be taking on one of the workouts from the 2014 CrossFit Games. “Triple 3″ is as follows: Row 3k 300 Double Unders Run 3 miles CrossFit training prepares its athletes for the “unknown and unknowable”. This means that sometimes you need to be able to push yourself for longer than […]

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Double Under Clinic

  The double-under is probably the most frustrating skill one has the displeasure of learning whilst doing CrossFit.  I’ve even heard some argue (dare I say it) that it is not even functional and therefore has no place amongst all the other movements The double-under is definitely functional and absolutely serves a specific purpose when […]

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Yoga for the un-bendy

I used to have a bad relationship with yoga. I would often tell people who tried to get me on the yoga train that my body is not made to move that way because I’m built like a brick. It is true that my body really isn’t designed to excel at yoga, but I now […]

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Beyond the Whiteboard

How long does it take to improve in CrossFit? What a great question, one that all of us have wondered at some point. How do you measure improvement? If you are not tracking it, how do you determine if you have improved, stayed the same, or regressed? If you don’t use BTWB, how are you […]

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Highland Fest CrossFit Expo

This Saturday from 11:00 – 2:00, Keela, Tracy, Brock and myself will be participating in a CrossFit demonstration at Highland Fest in St Paul. The demonstration will be run as a short competition between the team from TwinTown and teams from other area gyms. If you’re not familiar with Highland Fest, think a mini version […]

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I believe….

Belief: an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Belief:  trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. Belief: it can shape your destiny. The other day I was on a road trip up north and I got to listen to good ‘ol Tony Robbins, a life coach and motivational speaker. I […]

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