Turkey and Spinach Meatloaf

OK, get ready.  I’m about to share with you my super top secret recipe for meatloaf.

OK, maybe it is not really top secret, but I’m trying to make this sound special because I actually invented this recipe myself, and I am quite proud of that.  My husband would say I’m a little too proud of it.  Yes, I am a dork.

Now, the ketchup and Worcestershire sauce in this recipe aren’t strictly Paleo-friendly (because they contain sugar), but they make up such a small amount that I don’t worry about it.  But if you try different ingredients in place of them, I’d love to hear how it works for you!

Turkey & Spinach Meatloaf

2 cups baby spinach, torn into smallish pieces
1 small diced onion
1 pound ground turkey
1 egg
½ cup almond meal
6 or so shakes Worcestershire sauce
¼ cup ketchup
½ tsp garlic powder
1.5 tsps salt


Sauté 2 cups baby spinach with diced onion in olive oil for a few minutes.

In a bowl, combine turkey, egg, almond meal, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, garlic powder, and salt.  Add onions and spinach and combine.  Form into meatloaf shape and place in meatloaf pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 1.5 hours (I like baking it until it has a little crust on the top). Pour off excess fat.

Note: I usually double this recipe and make 2 meatloaves so that we have leftovers for a couple days.  It is delicious with some sweet potato fries on the side.

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