Set Goals

When was the last time you set a goal and had the resolve to see it through?

Life pulls us in a hundred different directions every day, often causing us to lose sight of our goals. This is unfortunate because setting and accomplishing goals is a powerful agent for creating momentum in our lives.

A goal could be something as simple as getting to the gym two days a week for two straight months. It could be scheduling time for technique and strength work two days a week until you complete ten consecutive muscle-ups. Whatever your goal, write it down someplace where you’re unable to escape it and challenge yourself to accomplish it.

I recently set a goal to spend twenty minutes on daily recovery and maintenance. I get a reminder every morning, and it’s now part of my routine. After a month my olympic lifting has improved, I sleep better, I’m more productive during the day, and I’m in a good mood despite winter refusing to release its grip. And it’s easy. Yesterday I stretched while watching the NCAA men’s hockey championship game.

Once you’ve attained your goal, celebrate. Reward yourself with a massage. Buy the pair of kicks you peruse online everyday but can’t justify pulling the trigger on. Eat a donut. Take a day off to read, or start writing, the book you’ve been too busy to get to. Whatever fires you up.

I challenge you to pick a goal—write it down, approach it with the tenacity of a junkyard dog and finish what you set out to do. If you need help setting goals, pick up the phone and give your coach a call. That’s what we’re here for.

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