One of the challenges that CrossFit offers is to continually challenge what you think is your maximum capacity. Remember the first time you tried a CrossFit WOD? EESH! For most people, that was probably the hardest you’ve ever pushed yourself in a workout, and I bet you were amazed at how quickly it was over. After a few months of attending classes on a regular basis, that push becomes the norm for your body as you adapt. The truth is though, that you can constantly challenge your potential.

There are plenty of easy excuses that can be made to give yourself breaks (the mid-WOD social at the chalk bucket, or your EMOM stop to “hydrate”) but keeping the rest in check is a big step in never losing that challenge. We use short workouts for a reason – so you keep moving. Be honest with yourself the next time you’re thinking you need to stop. Ask yourself  if this is really a break that you need to be able to maintain a safe workout, or if you’re just starting to get uncomfortable and would rather take it easy for a second. You might just surprise yourself with the result.

Keep pushing the boundaries of your capacity, and stay open-minded about your potential, and you will reap the benefits of your efforts!

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