What’s your plan for moving better?

Are you frustrated? Do you feel like you’re strong enough to do a movement but your body seems to betray you? Maybe you can easily push a loaded bar overhead but cannot complete an overhead squat with an empty bar? I’m willing to bet this is because you have not made flexibility and mobility work a priority in your training.

Flexibility is how far your joints and the soft tissues influencing joint movement will stretch, whereas mobility is the ability for the joints to move freely and easily. A lack of mobility can be the result of deficiencies in flexibility, neural movement patterns, stability and strength. Since human movement is dependent upon flexibility and mobility, it behooves CrossFit athletes to have a flexibility/mobility program with specific goals.

Scheduling an FMS screen with your coach will give you such a program. The FMS screen is a tool for identifying asymmetry and dysfunction in an athlete’s fundamental movement patterns. Your coach will pinpoint problem areas, explain the reason for lack of movement and prescribe corrective exercises.

If you want to make gains in the gym, or simply want to move well and gracefully as you age, you must approach your flexibility and mobility training with same intensity and enthusiasm you have for your strength training and metabolic conditioning.

Have you completed an FMS screen yet? Are you doing your homework?

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