Overhead Squat

From the CrossFit Journal

You probably have a friend who you can count on to tell you the unvarnished truth about yourself. Does your breath stink? Are you being a jackass? Are you too drunk to drive? etc. This friend’s honesty is annoying, but you keep him around because sometimes, dangit, you need to know the truth, and nobody else is man enough to give it to you straight.

The overhead squat is your annoying friend in the gym. This movement mercilessly exposes your weaknesses, and deflates you when your head starts to get too big.

Do you struggle with the snatch? Do you lack core strength? Do you lack power or torsional stability? Do you have poor balance? Learning how to overhead squat can help remediate all of these problems.

Like the other kind of friend, the overhead squat challenges you to grow, which is why you should embrace it, love it, and spend time with it.

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    1. On February 14, 2013 Jeremy Striffler said

      Overhead squat, will you be my Valentine?

    2. On February 15, 2013 Amanda Redepenning said

      Ugh. Don't I know it. I tried several times to get a weight that I thought I "should" be able to do, over my head. In fact I am still convinced I could have squated with the weight, but I just couldn't push it up. The result is that my neck has been super jacked up for 2 days now. Stupid overhead squat.

    3. On February 15, 2013 Jenny Caesar Beamish said


    4. On February 16, 2013 Melissa Petrich said

      it's a tricky move.

    5. On February 17, 2013 Teddy Kim said

      i have a mod for you amanda!

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