How Do I Buy Stuff?

If you are curious how to purchase store items, such as coconut waters, paleo kits, clothing and the like, look no further than the clipboard on the wall!

In both locations, there are hanging clipboards that have purchase lists on them. To buy something, write your name and circle the item or write it in the “other” spot. We will then charge it to your account. Simple!

And if you have gotten items in the past and not written stuff down, it’s never too late to add it to the purchase sheet.


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    1. On February 22, 2013 Joshua Reese Clarin said

      I bought the sweatpants last night. So comfortable. I was debating their appropriateness for casual Friday at work.

    2. On February 22, 2013 Diana Wille said

      omg it's like putting it on your room bill at Vegas. Dangerous!

    3. On February 22, 2013 Leo Arms said

      I bought a paleo kit and coconut water for breakfast this morning. I was glad that all I had to was circle stuff instead of writing…

    4. On February 23, 2013 Craig Nelson said

      Wait…you mean all this stuff wasn't free? Oh dear.

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