Get Uncomfortable

It’s 6pm in the evening. It’s 5 degrees out, you just got off of work and the sun has already set. You make your way to TwinTown and you give yourself a pat on the back for not just staying home, eating a bowl of Easy Mac, curling up under a blanket and watching a marathon of House Hunters.

Hold your applause. We are full-fledged CrossFitters now and coming to class, no matter the weather or what’s on TV, is part of our regular routine. I am glad we are all here but it’s time to dig deeper.

I don’t know about you but I am tired. I am tired of cringing when I see a workout posted on the board. I am tired of looking at the prescribed weight and picking the lighter kettle-bell. I am tired of not stringing together double-unders. I am tired of not holding a proper squat position. I am tired of the letters DNF.

I believe it’s time for a new mindset that starts with one important question we each need to ask ourselves: How uncomfortable am I willing to get?

So the buy-in for the class is as many reps as possible in 12 minutes of 15 box jumps and 15 v-ups. How uncomfortable am I willing to get? Then the main WOD is 4 rounds of rowing 20 calories plus 20 toes-to-bar plus 20 overhead plate lunges plus rowing another 20 calories. How uncomfortable am I willing to get? And the cash-out is 10 minutes of max-effort burpees. How uncomfortable am I willing to get?

If we are willing get uncomfortable it means we are ready to stop excusing ourselves from working as hard as we can because we think we are not good at thrusters or mountain-climbers or a multitude of exercises that are on the whiteboard. It means we are ready to be more aggressive and attack each workout with a higher level of energy and enthusiasm. It means we are ready to get back on that bar or pick that weight back up or get one more rep before the clock runs out.

It also means we are ready to think more about what we do outside of the gym. Think more about the food we eat or the amount of sleep we get. It means we are ready to step outside of our comfort zone in the pursuit of better health and wellness.

The great thing is that thanks to TwinTown CrossFit we don’t have to uncomfortable alone. As Dr. Allison Belger opines in her book, The Power of Community, it “is far easier to be uncomfortable – to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and take risks – when we have the support of others along the way”. There is an undeniably strong network of coaches, friends and peers at the gym that we can rely on.

So are we willing to sweat a bit more? Are we willing to muss up our hair or ruin our makeup? Are we willing to grunt and scream? Are we willing to be fire-breathers?

I think we are. I think it’s time we get uncomfortable.

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