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Coach Andy reminded me that about a year ago I offered a massage to the first dude in the gym to deadlift four plates, meaning a standard bar loaded with four 45 pound plates on either side for a total of 405 pounds. ┬áBy his reckoning we now have over fifteen men who deadlift over 405. We also have numerous women who are deadlifting more than double bodyweight, and several who are picking up more than 300 pounds off the ground. Truth be told, I can’t keep track anymore.

I’d like to make a couple of off the cuff observations. First, the deadlift is important because it is a measure of raw functional strength and strong people are harder to kill. When the zombie apocalypse comes to Minneapolis the one place you want to be is TwinTown CrossFit. I’m sorry but Zumba cannot protect you.

The second observation is that we don’t have any ringers in our gym. The men and women who are doing this stuff aren’t former Division 1 athletes. They’re regular blokes with families and jobs, who’ve been training at the gym for a long time and through determination, sweat, and hard work have accomplished something truly remarkable.

I’m in awe of them.

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