Intermittent Fasting Part 1

Ahhhh, so that’s what insulin looks like!

Insulin is the feast-or-famine hormone. Without the ability to store energy in fat, our ancestors couldn’t have survived through the winter or any other prolonged disruption in food supply.

This is why caloric deficit diets are so absurd. The anthropological record and studies of modern hunter-gatherer societies show that our optimal genetic expression occurs when we eat to satiety from fresh, local, seasonal natural foods.  Skimpy portions of expensive, low-fat diet foods are  repulsive to the palate and represent an MBA’s vision of human nutrition.

After initial skepticism and even suspicion, new paleo-lifestylers eagerly embrace the idea of eating to satiety. Most people realize that counting calories is both worthless and thankless. Eating to satiety lifts that burden and leaves room in your life  for things that matter.

But remember that insulin’s evolutionary function was to allow us to survive famine by allowing us to store fat during times of plenty. That means that to fully realize our genetic blueprint, we should eat to satiety and fast intermittently.

Stay tuned. Part 2 of this series will address whether you should be  intermittent fasting.

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